Add-on XenForo Media Gallery - Album tagging [PAID]


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I'm looking for a developer to extend XenForo Media Gallery (XFMG) to allow albums to be tagged, using the same tagging system that is being used for XFMG individual media items.

XFMG does utilise the XF 1.5 tagging system - but currently only allows tagging for individual media items.

In addition the following requirements need to be met below:

Requirement #1: must respect tag display position
XFMG displays tags for individual media items based on the Tag Display Position setting in Home > Options > Content Tagging

This implementation must follow the same setting for consistency.


Requirement #2: separate phrase for tagged albums on the tag page
When viewing a given tag, XFMG media items appear with the type "Media" based on phrase xengallery_media.

For flexibility I would like a new phrase (default: Album) to distinguish tagged XFMG albums from XFMG media items.


  • You will need a license for XFMG.
  • I don't have a development environment so you will need to provide this yourself.

Please start a conversation with me if you are interested in undertaking this project with your quote. Clarifications regarding this project can be made here or via conversation.
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