XenForo media and top list sites


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I have made a couple of sites dedicated to XenForo, all its members and the members of your XF sites to use.

The first one is a media hosting site that you can upload videos like youtube, images like photobucket, and audio files. this will save on your sites bandwidth by hosting here, and embedding the codes to your site. The site can be found here: http://www.xfmediahost.com/

The second one is a top list site to promote your XF sites on. You sign up, load your banner to the site, then get your code to put the vote button on your site for members to click on and vote for your site.

They can vote every twelve hours.

So when someone searches the web let's say for top XenForo sites they go to the vote site, see all the forums and click on your banner and get directed to your site, and hopefully sign up. The site can be found here: http://www.xftop100forums.com

Hopefully by doing this we can make the biggest and best forum community on the web!!


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I am working on the embeded code to get it to worn on XF for videos, since XF does not allow html in posts yet


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So you are hosting a media file site similar to an image hosting portal where people can upload and store their own large files ?


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Because YouTube exists if you want to host videos somewhere, and top sites died in 1995.