Add-on Top 10 List - Member's Choice


New member
Giving members the option to build their own Top 10 list that are displayed when you visit their profile.

Member Level
Member can select/assign 10 threads, 10 posts, 10 media items, to be in their personal top 10 lists.
If the member finds a thread they really like, they can assign it to the #1 slot in their top 10 [Top Thread List].
If the member finds a photo they kind of like, they can assign it to their #5 slot in their [Top Photo List].
Based on the communities rankings in their top 10 lists threads, posts, and media are assigned a score.

Site Level
The site could have Top 10 lists based on the members in their community.
This might be a good option to determine what featured content would be displayed.
This should have a way to be edited by the site owners if required.

Consider movies, (SciFi site) like @Davyc if I visit his site as a new visitor at a minimum I would be able see what the community/site thinks the Top 10 movies are and whether or not I've seen them. When I register, i can go through and build my own Top Ten Movie list. To share with the community and if I like someone's comments or style I can see what their top 10 movies are.
  • Has this been developed already?
  • If no, would someone be willing to develop it?
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