xenForo logo click should take you to the forums pages


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Normally when you click on a company logo on the top left corner of the screen, it takes you to the most important page, currently that is the forums page here on xenForo. In other words it should take you to this page:


and not the splash page located here:


I often click a company logo to direct me to the main page of a forum.


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I believe that is to show proof of concept for the time being.

I agree it should go to the most important page eventually, but I am not sure where that will be.


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you can customize this easily on your own Forum-install.
The current set-up is just related to this website.


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50/50 I feel, often folks click the logo thinking it will take them to that organizations website. However this should be a [AS DESIGNED] since in the style system you should be able to edit it rather easy. If the software is anything like others you can usually designate the website location which is where that link ties into. I haven't seen the back-end of course so that's not a guarantee by any means.