XF 1.5 Xenforo Log and count visits on a Custom Template/Page


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Hello all,
Just wondering if this is possible and if so, how?
I'd like to count visits to a page, I have read that it can cause extra queries though and possible performance implications? Is that so?

Anyway I have read here;

And read @Mike 's reply;
Have a look at the pagenode_container template. The $page value is passed to you so you can use the same output in the template (provided you pass $page to it).

Just wondering if anyone knows how to actually implement this?
I added some code but didn't work sadly.. So not 100% sure if I have done it right and even if the correct code was even added.
Thanks in advance for your help. :)
Custom page/template or a page node? What I referred to related to page nodes. There's nothing to do this generically, so if it's not that, you'd need to implement something custom.
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