XF 2.1 Xenforo load page slow issue


I am currently upgrading from XF 2.0 to the latest xenforo which is at the moment is xenforo 2.1.1 the reason behind this is because the xenforo is slow. I figure that if i might just update the software and the addon's (i don't have that many) that performance issues might fix it's self. After updating everything still currently having xenforo slow load page time. If anyone can assist me i greatly appreciate it. Also if there any guide or tip's greatly appreciate it also.

- Thank
sorry for the late reply
You have 468 requests, over 7mb of pageload. And you expect that to load quickly?


4mb of it is images, mostly jpg images that aren't optimized. This page is not going to load fast in any event - it's way too bloated!

I suggest disabling the hooks, and running this test again with the xenforo default style, for baseline - so you can see how much this bloat is hurting your performance.
Here's all the images you are loading on browsers, hundreds of them - although the vast majority of them don't appear on the page. Most of them coming from the Discord app:

Image Bloat

If they are loading, (they are) but not even showing on the page, what good are they doing you?

CDNs don't fix bloat. They only deliver the bloat ostensibly from a location nearer the user. Like that helps, when it's over 4mb of image bloat.
Remember also - the file size of images stays the same no matter how small they appear to be on the page. Good example is this image, which appears tiny on the page but is a monster image file: Request #27.

You have many more such examples.
I'm not sure what would be the proper way of fixing this issue do you have any suggestion?
See if you can limit the widget to only show the "top 20" discord members online. Instead of all 400-something, or even 1,000-something.

Also you should go through each image in your waterfall, and optimize the one's you're serving locally. Your dependence on the third party (discord) for most of your images puts you at their mercy, performance wise.
Thank you so much, I'll try to make the necessary changes thank you again <3
Your thread pages perform really well. No bloat on those.

You can use the WebPageTest tool yourself, to gauge what your changes do to help performance. Clicking on the grade scores will give you specific details of what's wrong. You can also test from different locations, different browsers, etc these are all actual real devices and computers with actual, real internet connections. Not some algorithm, and not trying to sell you any optimization services. WPT is a huge volunteer botnet.
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