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Hello I want to buy xenforo, but I have questions in my mind. When I buy xenforo, when the update comes, will I pay for the upgrade or is it free?
for cloud subscriptions, it's a monthly payment and upgrades are included and happen automatically.

For the self-hosted option, the initial license purchase is a one-off payment, which includes 12 months of support and updates.

After 12 months, the license is still valid and you can continue to use the software with no additional charges, but should you wish to download new releases or access ticket support, you would need to purchase a 1-year extension.

Otherwise, you can choose not to renew support and remain on the same version.
bulut abonelikleri için yükseltmeler dahildir ve otomatik olarak gerçekleşir.

Kendi kendine barındırma seçeneği için, ilk lisans satın alma işlemi, 12 aylık destek ve güncellemeleri içeren bir defaya mahsus bir ödemedir.

12 ay sonra lisans hala geçerlidir ve yazılımı hiçbir ek ücret ödemeden kullanmaya devam edebilirsiniz, ancak yeni sürümler indirmek veya bilet desteğine erişmek isterseniz 1 yıllık bir uzatma satın almanız gerekir.

Aksi takdirde, desteği yenilememeyi ve aynı sürümde kalmayı seçebilirsiniz.

The package I want is as follows, buy once and pay no more, unlimited license (except addons) Is such a package available, can you send a link?
I have to pay every month, do I understand correctly on the packages?
On the cloud plan, it is a regular charge if you choose the monthly option.... or once a year if paying annually (which will save some money).

For the self hosted, you purchase the initial license. With that you get 12 months of support and updates, and then after that 12 months, you then will have to pay a renewal fee (which is less than the original license cost) to maintain the ability to download the current versions and submit tickets.
You are NOT required to keep your license renewed yearly on the self-hosted license... you can do that when you feel you need the latest and greatest and then you get the updates/support for another 12 month period.
If you are happy with not keeping the code updated.... you can run for years with only the initial investment cost of the license. There are still sites out on the net that are running the 1.x code base. Of course, with the self-hosted you will still have the cost of a hosting provider that you will have to pay.
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