Xenforo license has lapsed?


Just went to checkout the latest version of Xenforo for my site, and realized my license has lapsed by a few months (I currently have version 1.2 installed), due to having an inactive email address in my profile, (I no longer use the email address I originally purchased with).

How do I go about renewing? Do I need to buy a full license again, or can I get the $40 extension, not quite sure, any help appreciated : )

My domain is: jvfocus.com


Yeah I went to submit a ticket, but I get the following error sadly, my own fault I should have been on top of this...but haven't been well lately.

XenForo - Error
You must have at least one up-to-date license to access this page.
You can just purchase an extension through your customer area.

You can always use the contact us to submit a ticket.
I don't seem to have the option to purchase and extension Jeremy, only the full license. I've just submitted a ticket to support, thanks for your help guys, hopefully hear back soon :)