Xenforo, if it doesn't have [this] I'll be disappointed~


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Here we can share our envisions of the perfect Xenforo.

Ability for the forum to easily share content externally.

Facebook and Twitter integration is nice, but I want to take advantage of a feed for the large amounts of image attachments separated by user/thread/forum, an individual's RSS feed, and a mobile skin.


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A possibility of a mobile style has already been mentioned in about 6 threads, though I wouldn't expect it in v1 personally because the desktop theme works perfectly well on most modern mobiles...

As for listing attachments based per user/forum... I am not sure I see the use on this, but I guess you must so...

Same with individual RSS feed's, ok I can see some use but nothing amazing so I would rather see this as a mod, but again...


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This would likely work better as individual threads (per suggestion) in the suggestion forum.