XenForo has been up and down since yesterday


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Keep getting CF 522 error on whatever link I click. Sometimes it loads up but very very slow. Other times, it doesn't load at all.

Is anyone else experiencing problems?
Unfortunately, it appears that it has been some sort of routing issue within Hurricane Electric. I was able to diagnose some specifics this morning and pass it on and it's generally been working well since (still some blips at times so there may be an issue somewhere).
I'm surprised that this thread isn't longer. The site has only fully come back to normal in the last couple of hours or so. It was down or playing up for a day or so.

Might be worth considering changing your host, perhaps to AWS as it's pretty bullet proof.
It's not a host issue.

It's a routing issue.

The site has been up for me continuously since the issues started with Hurricane Electric.
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