Fixed On IOS: Drag messages up and down to rearrange the order for quoting


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I guess maybe not a bug perse...

Since buying the amazing piece of technology called an iPad, I find myself using my good old Windows desktop computer less and less. So, also for using XF powered websites, I do it almost as much on an iPad as on a regular PC.

Doing so, you come accross some things in XF that make sense on a desktop, but not so much on an iPad. This is an example of that:


The instructions read: Drag messages up and down to rearrange the order for quoting, but using an iPad there is nothing to drag. Dragging does not work, so on iOS using an iPad, these instructions do not make sense/are not valid.

Just a little thing.


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The dragging worked before on iOS (currently it doesn't), so I guess it's not a phrase issue.


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The dragging never worked on iOS to my knowledge. It doesn't send the normal HTML5 drag events. This isn't really surprising as dragging is overloaded to mean scrolling on touch devices. Overriding that behavior (particularly if the overlay needs to be scrolled to use) is probably not a good idea.

As such, I've hidden the indicator in this case.