XenForo Friendly Url => blank page (since host update)


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After my host upgraded my server, my website has a few problems. One of them is the friendly url link to white page. If I uncheck friendly url, it's working back.

Here is the maintenance done by my host:
  • Apache will be upgraded to the newest version in the 2.2 branch (This should be seamless and cause no extended issues to your site(s)
  • PHP will be upgraded to the newest version in the 5.3 branch (In doing this we will no longer support PHP4. To avoid issues to your site(s) we recommend making sure that all software you have installed is in fact updated to be compatible with PHP 5.3. In doing this you will minimize the chance of any issues arising. We will be taking care of modifying all handlers for you to ensure that the updated PHP version is used.
  • Support for Microsoft FrontPage server-side extensions will be removed. We recommend that you plan accordingly to ensure that you get accustomed to using alternate mediums such as FTP or sFTP as well as making sure you remove all extensions from your site(s).
  • If you have a script encoded with Zend Optimizer, as it is not supported in versions 5.3 or later of PHP, you will need to do one of two things ensure you have no issues. One would be to ask the the makers of your script for a version that is encoded with Zend Guard as this would have no issues. The second thing you could do would be to ask the makers of your script for a version that is encoded with IonCube as that is still being supported by versions of PHP 5.3 and later.

I've check with them, the mod_rewrite is activated.

Any idea of what the problem can be please?
Ok this problem is fixed now. I added this to my .htaccess (thanks for XenForo to have provided this information in this file):

RewriteBase /forums

"forums" being my forums directory.

If any one has an explanation why this problem happens after the update, I'm still interested to understand.
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