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Xenforo for SMB communication platform

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by mrSLK, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. mrSLK

    mrSLK New Member

    Dear Xenforo Pre-Sales,

    I’m currently checking out Xenforo forum, and wondering if this forum fit our needs (this will for intranet deployment)
    The purpose we’re looking for is to:
    1. Act as communication platform for Internal Staff
    2. Staff to post up to date information of staff daily activity (viewable by manager (moderator in this case).
    3. Is there a way to “mask” password/username if posted on the daily activity report and viewable only by the posted and specific group only (i.e. moderator or admin)
    4. Is there a way to limit what new member can view ? say something like membership length = how far back member can see a post/threads (i.e member for 4 days = 4 days prior posting can be seen)
    5. Upload big files (tar.gz, zip, pdf, etc) and organize it by date
    6. Create auto-naming for any uploaded documents based on where the thread is posted. (i.e. Thread/Forum name = Blabla, then uploaded files renamed to Blabla.filename.ddmmyyy.tar.gz)
    7. Can the resource manager viewed as a "directory tree" structure ?
    8. is Xenforo markdown friendly ?

    Is this something that Xenforo capable to do out of the box or via add-ons and if so, any demo of the add-ons ?

    Thank You
  2. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    These things should be fairly standard. Note, however, there is no built in way to do single sign on based on a network login (such as Active Directory or LDAP), so users will need to be created and given a username and password or they will have to register.

    Not sure I totally understand this. Can you elaborate?

    Perhaps User Group Promotions can be used for this. You can promote users into additional user groups based on how long they've been registered. I'm not sure how that will help you with the specific example you mentioned -- permissions can be used to control which forums you can see, but not the age of the content you can see.

    The maximum file size you can upload is a constraint of the web server and/or PHP itself. By default, files can only be uploaded as attachments to posts. With that in mind, there's no real structure that allows them to be ordered by date. Something like the Resource Manager may help for this, though.

    Stored file names are not auto generated. The file name of attachments is whatever the file was named when it was uploaded.

    No it can only be viewed as you can see here: Resources.

    No, we only support BB code for user generated content out of the box.

    There may be add-ons available for some of these things, but definitely not all of them. You can view what add-ons are available here: Resources.
  3. mrSLK

    mrSLK New Member

    Basically similar to the
     [QUOTE], [SPOILER] and [CODE] 
    I want to know if possible to have [PASSWORD] or [USERNAME] or maybe even SPOILER and have that given specific permission so only the poster and moderator/admin/other group permission able to see the content.

    That's what i would like know, since i won't be going through thousands of add-ons, specially if i do not have any experience with the forum script.

    Thank You Chris

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