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Mike Edge

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Tomorrow I will be rolling out my 1st open invite beta phase. People who are already playing with it via private invite are loving it.

To try it out a facebook account is required to register. Registering is done 100% inside of facebook, there is no way to register without an account. I don't want to release it as full public beta just yet, but if you would like to try it, shoot me a PC and I will reply later today or tomorrow when I'm ready for next batch of testers the app URL.

Some of the working features already include.

* Ability to purchase credits using real currency purchases via Facebook Credits for Sportsbooker/Stock Trader
* Share your xF Arcade high score on your timeline
* Share your latest Trophy awards on your timeline
* Share status updates and promote new threads to your timeline
* Facebook like commenting system added into threads.. Post a long reply or just a fast comment
* 100% Seamless into Facebook
* Ability for members to create their own forums for Facebook groups
We like pictures :)

Here's a little teaser on the header.. As you can see xF remains inside of FB canvas..

Hi Mike,

Isnt Facebook a bit "clunky" for the app? Am i the only one who avoids them?

I love the sharing, but not so much embedding the site into FB as an app.
I am particularly interested in features that increase traffic from facebook to my sites in contrast to features that entice my members to use facebook more.
The functions to post XF data to FB timeline is attractive. The rest I am not so sure of.

Some suggestions:
  • Facebook Want for XF subscriptions
  • Buy XF subscriptions with FB credits
  • Let users in certain membergroups promote threads to the websites Facebook page.
  • Post to FB timeline if X users like the users thread.
I was fortunate enough to be invited along to test it out a while ago - and as I said to Mike back then, this is going to be a great thing for Facebook users, more than current Forum Admins, if that makes sense.

If you currently run a FB group, this would be an Awesome app, infinitely better software to run a group or forum via FB on. For those of us who run independant forums now, I am not personally in this market, but can see a big future for it from the FB side :)

Well done Mike!
interesting (y)

well, if I understand correctly, the Forum is still hosted on your individual server.
So in fact you gonna pull FB users into using your Forum.

So this would rather be a huge advantage for Forum-webmasters.

.... and if when FB goes down the tube, you still have a populated Forum.

However, you just need to make sure that you also "own" the content and also the user-data (user Email, etc.).

Who is the "owner" of the conent ? You or FB ?
no idea if it is required, but do you have permission from XF to do so ?

Why would I need permission from xF? I have a valid license for the site. Further more Kier answered many questions for me in the very early stages
Oh wow I'm just now seeing this thread. When will this be released? How much is it?

Looks like I'll actually need to install my Facebook Theme now.
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