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I received this message from Facebook in regards to the app I use to register/login my users

In working to create a great Platform experience for everyone, we ask developers to ensure the apps they build comply with our Platform Terms and Developer Policies. Your app xenforo (AppId: xxxxxxx9) doesn't comply with the following:

Platform Terms 4.b: Your privacy policy must comply with applicable law and regulations and must accurately and clearly explain what data you are Processing, how you are Processing it, the purposes for which you are Processing it, and how Users may request deletion of that data.

During testing, we found that your privacy policy doesn’t explain how users can request data deletion. Update your privacy policy to include this information before you submit an appeal

To me it's not clear what I should do to be a complaint. Please help
Pretty clear to me... your policy lacks any apparently information on how they can request their data to deleted.
It's as simple as denoting that they need to request that their account be deleted... XF allows the ability of the account to be deleted, and any associated activity to be reflected to another identifier that cannot be associated with the original author.

It can be something as simple as having in your terms and rules
If you do not agree with these terms, please do not register or use this Service. If you wish to close your account, please contact us.
which should suffice. If you already have that, then I'd suggest you pointing it out to them...
You can always edit the terms & rules phrase and put a mailto with the "contact us" portion... but I don't as I prefer to not put an email in an area it can be easily harvested. But you could always point at the "contact us" page.
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