Xenforo equivalent


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My friend is using this addon for WordPress https://vestathemes.com/wordpress-automatic-plugin-v3-38-0/

Apparently he just adds an rss feed to it and it pulls the full content from the site, images etc (example) BBC news.

When I add the feed to xenforo I get two lines of text only. I know xenforo doesn't control how much contect is pulled from the other site.

This addon must have more to the proccess? And do we have an equivalent for xenforo?


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This was moved to requests but im not actually requesting an addon.

Im only asking how this is able to pull all the information from a site and xenforo cant? And do we have an equivalent addon for xenforo?


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I use RSS and have full articles with images (but not BBC). Some organizations will offer multiple feed types and the ones with the full articles and images may have ads. You can preview the feed in your browser to check. BBC is headlines only.
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