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Hello, I want to buy XenForo, but
I'm concerned
I would like to XenForo and the specially developed plug-ins
I want to use joomla as a portal
XenForo recent issues, the last members, such as statistics as well as add-ons Does it want to publish your Joomla homepage?
or it can be done with a work XenForo?
Owned XenForo license?
Is it possible to XenForo question and answer system?

Sincerely good work
I found these by searching this board on "joomla integration"
http://xenforo.com/community/threads/joomla-bridge-using-jfusion.12674/ and
http://xenforo.com/community/threads/joomla-xf-shared-userregistration-and-templates.35011/ for a small J2.5-fix

If you use the same search you'll find others interested in partnering XF and Joomla..

Usually a bridge with another software (eg Joomla) just uses the same database of members so you need to check to see if it does more.
But to get ANY front page you want is possible.
XF gives you the basic option of choosing any URL as the home page for the board (all the XF forums).
That does not direct the basic URL to that home page. It would still go to the XF Forums list.
But you can direct the site URL to open the (joomla) page.

Another way would be to make joomla your primary script. Install it at root.
Then make XF secondary, inside it.
I would not recommend this option. Once you use XF you will find it is so very smooth to use for admin you will not like other scripts. It makes ALL others clumsy and complicated by comparison. Truthfully - I tried Wordpress for example and I could not bear it after using XF.
So I suggest you use a method where XF is your primary site script.

XF has a fantsatic addon called Nodes As Tabs. This lets you completely organise the navigation and structure of your site exactly as you wish, inside XF.
It can place links to any XF/ XF addon/ or Joomla components on the navigation bar, or in secondary links on the second bar/ as dropdown menus.
You can make ANY XF component a container to contain other XF components!

How do you want a Question and Answer system to be?
I would like a special enhancements to make the news site is both question and answer site joomla news section XenForo use question and answer forum
XenForo very good, but I'm a rookie, yet very
How can I pay developers
There is an addon request forum. You post there.
Or you look around, find a developer who makes something already in the same function zone - type of thing, and ask them.

A good tip is look in the Resources section (top navbar).
Any developer appearing on that page or the Top Resources tab page is likely to be good.
But check their discussion threads on their key addons
- do you like the way they answer questions?
- do they answer quite fast (within 3 days max - most do).
- are the descriptions of the addons clear and friendly to understand?
- do the names you see frequently on XF AND you like that person, so do people you respect use this addon or others by this coder?

Warning. The good coders are busy because they are good. Dont expect instant attention to do your addon.

Payment is usually by Paypal.
The developer may ask for an advance payment - not 100%.
Then they make the addon on their own demo board, and you inspect it, probably suggest some adjustments.
When you're happy you pay the blance and they send you the files.

Installing addons on XF is incredibly easy :)
Hello @Morgain , your posts are very informative to me. I was exactly looking for the same thing. I like using Joomla and also I want to integrate Xenforo with it. I'm still trying to find a developer to do this. I would like to know if I starting installing Joomla and Xenforo, shall I use same database or I need to separate them? Regards,
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