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We are a big forum with hundreds of thousands of members and millions of posts, in business for 25 years.

Just migrated from VBulletin, Photopost, DBSEO, Sphinx for the last two decades, to Xenforo 2.0

So this new software has been quite the learning curve for us, staff and members alike.

Currently seeking an experienced developer to assist with a vast array or things related to Xenforo.

Our stylist Russ from Pixel Exit wants to stick to style related Xenforo tasks, so we need someone else to handle all of the other Xenforo related tasks like tweaking the settings, setting up sections, installing add ons, explaining to us how something works or helping with bug reports between us, our staff and Xenforo support forums, applying fixes, etc.

If you can't handle a specific task that is beyond your scope, then we find someone who can. As long as we have someone who is a detail oriented team player, we can count on for the standard stuff, who is overly experienced with the software and all of the logistics and dynamics it possesses/offers. We have our own servers and a systems admin at Rack 911, who handles all of the server side stuff, so you have full support there. We are fresh in the Xenforo waters, might you be interested in joining our team and helping us get our Xenforo to the next level?

If so, please submit your portfolio in a conversation, for review.

Thank you.
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James Z

Hello, great choice moving to Xenforo, you won't regret it. We have over 5 years of experience on this platform and over 10 in everything related to forum management, from migrations to addons and optimization. We'd love to work side by side with you guys. I'll start a conversation to discuss more about your requirements.


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Hi @420 ... I'd be happy to assist with your request.
I too have sent you a PM with more information about the services I offer. Let me know if interested please.

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