API developer needed to extend Xenforo + Wordpress APIs

Michael Murguia

Active member
We need a Sr. PHP developer to help our team with a few detailed integrations.

The basics: We are building a mobile app that integrates with our web based platform (xenforo + wordpress). We need a Sr. PHP developer to extend the xenforo and/or wordpress API(s) to provide calls for the mobile client team.

Example tasks:
  • We have an event planner in wordpress. Pass event data to mobile client.
  • We have a trophy system in xenforo. Pass badge and trophy structure and data to mobile client.
  • Must be US based
  • Must be Fluent in English
  • You must be doing the work, not outsourcing or part of a team.
  • Must engage with our current team on a daily basis through Slack or Vidcon as required.
  • There will be a preliminary Vidcon interview, and a followup technical review with our engineering staff.
Job is immediate.