Xenforo.com Trophy Settings - How are Trophy Points Calculated ?

Digital Doctor

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So if I get 4 likes (would total 250), I skip to level 20 ?

Is that what these are ... LEVELS ?
Should it be labelled as such ?

How is Trophy Points: 43 calculated ?
817 out of 1000 posts (level 50) =
0.817 x 50 = 40.85
But I have 43.



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Those numbers are the trophy points; once you get 250 likes, you'll gain an additional twenty trophy points. There aren't really "levels" of trophy points--they're just listed in order by amount of points gained. :)

Digital Doctor

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1 + 2 +5 +10 + 10 + 15 = 43
You'd think I would have considered that.

Really they are Levels then.
As all users will have to got through the same points
  • 28
  • 43
  • 63
  • 93
  • ....
  • 543
To keep the numbers round I think

There should be a +7 = You have been liked 7 times - Lucky you !

Then total = 550 :)


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You're free to configure the trophies however you want.
The trophy points on my forum total 1,500 and there are 29 different trophies.

There aren't really levels as such as some users may never achieve certain trophies, such as receiving 5,000 Likes, etc.
Some folks on a board I frequent had difficulty grasping how trophy points are calculated, so I made this quick and dirty illustration.

Feel free to improve upon it, but I hope it helps until somebody does.

Calculation is necessary if future trophies rely on trophy points already earned in order to ensure they are not set up with an impossible requirement. :)

For example, if Bronze Statue required 200 trophy points... you couldn't earn that trophy in my illustration above.
Trophies are not earned in sequence though, so that won't apply to anyone who doesn't achieve one of them.
As I said, it is merely to show people how they're calculated. I just finished a frustrating back and forth with a wonderful admin that mistakenly thought you got "x" amount of trophy points for each post you made or like you received. I just wanted to help prevent others from making that same mistake.


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Thinking of them as achievements helps I found as people are more familiar with that concept from gaming.

You get a certain number of points for an achievement but you only get it once, if you keep doing it you don't get the points every time.