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not being able to "edit" a post is the same thing as to "censor" a post.

just vice versa.

Not really, censoring is to change before something is published. Our posts aren't moderated before, so censoring doesn't occur. The ability to edit a post isn't related to censoring at all.

Brent W

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You'd think someone punched some of your kids in the mouth and laughed the way you are carrying on about your ability to edit posts on a free forum.

Francesco V.

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I think we should not take this personal and try to be constructive (and "cold minded" :D ).
XF Staff tooks this decision in order to preserve useful stuff (for users, surely not for XF developers :D) posted here. Shish happens, one day you are in love with XF and XF people, the day after something happens, things deteriorate very quickly, anger mixed with childish behavior, "Let Samson die with all the Philistines" and the guy delete all his useful posted stuff.
He starts deleting in silence and usually in these cases when forum staff realize it it's too late for stopping the guy by changing his forum permission. So this is not the solution but i guess that if we suggest a real and effective solution to the problem XF Staff will be glad to adopt it.

Ninja Edit: ah, by the way, personally i have no solution to the problem :p
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