Xenforo classifieds?

I've been a VB user since 2.X and I've been hoping that VB would have integrated a nice classifieds/auction type feature into the forum software for us that build our communities around buying/selling/auctioning collectibles. Any plans for xenforo to do this in the near future?
I currently use VBClassifieds, but the customer support was horrible and the developer who seemed to be running the entire show finally threw in the towel some time ago and has since dissapeared. Purchasing another add-on is something I wanted to avoid entirely (as well as another yearly fee).

I had that photopost software for a bit..after buying it I found I didn't like it. If I were to choose an add-on, I'd probably choose phpprobid

I believe there is an add-on for phpprobid to work with VBulletin and share its username/login database. But again, I was hoping for something built-in to my forum software. Guess I'll still be riding the Vbulletin train.