xenForo + CDN.net + DDoS Proxy IP Protection = Broken Images. Need Fixing.


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Hi guys,

Just a brief of my situation. I have been using xenForo in the first 1.5 years without issues, as my member base grows, I then applied CDN about half year ago, I believe no issues as well (I don't recall seeing any broken images). Until 3 weeks ago my server got DDoS'ed. I have to apply DDOS proxy protection (where I point my site to the proxy IP, and proxy IP will forward those traffic to my real IP).

Then, I started to see a lot of broken images on my forum, CDN.net support was also able to replicate the issue and have been helping me but couldn't solve. I've been working with WiredTree, CDN.net and the DDOS proxy provider for the past 3 weeks. Honestly I am so tired of getting back and forth with three parties because including myself is a total of 4 parties, where I am sure waiting time, misunderstanding and lack of info between all parties are a major issue. Even worse, the problem now is, even when I already disabled proxy protection, the broken images still appear for unknown reasons. I am near to disable CDN, but I thought I would just try to post here and see how it goes before I go that route.

I wonder if someone is willing to look into my issue and it would be great if you can quote me a price for fixing this issue? Or you can also recommend me someone reliable that I can work with. I know some of you may recommend MattW. But I would take into account like price, availability and so on.

Your inputs would be very much appreciated. Thank you :)

P/S I will provide with more info if asked (or once I found someone to work with), because I can hardly describe the whole situation in depth, which could just lead to confusion.