XF 1.4 Broken Images (Need Help!)


I have been customizing my site and things have gotten to the point where I had to reinstall everything on the forum. I am very frustrated and don't know what to do.

The issue I am having is the path to images, what I mean by that is that it does not recognize my files in the image path. Some images are seen broken and there is no way to fix it. Unfortunately, it is very hard to explain the error so I will be including screenshots below. I had to reinstall the theme to see if that fixed but it did not, all my customizations has been erased and now I have to customize everything all over again which requires a lot of work.

Please help if anyone is kind enough to help.



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Hard to do from just that image.

Likely ask the developer of the theme. If your own, still would have to know exactly where/what it is. No clue just based off that.
It seems like the date text color has been changed, I also wanted the poster # to be changed.

Though the permalink has not been changed.

Edit: I noticed that when I changed the date text color, a different text has also been changed into the same color which I don't want.
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