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I went for a stress reliever of coding for XenForo... and I'm just in a delusional state of confusion. What's be best practice on using a node type. I want to create an application where users will post into it, etc. But, I am not sure if I want to create my own "node type" or completely go away from XF and create my own set up... I'm leaning towards Node type, but I'm just completely and utterly lost...
Also... with this, I may or may not want them to be displayed on the forums-index. Like I may want X to be displayyed there but Node Y should be on the add-on's index only. Is THAT possible?
IMO, a "content type" would be more appropriate here. Create a content type, and the associated model, datawriter and controller for displaying the content. Now if you want to list the content inside the node tree, create a new "node type" which would display a simple paginated list of your content. To put this into perspective, in xenforo...

» Thread and Post (which contains the actual content) are content types.
» Forum is a node type which shows a list of threads in it.
Yeah, but I have a content type of X. Do I create another content type of Y which stores X? And have replies as another content type stored in X?
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