XF 1.5 Xenforo and Inline frames


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Is there anything with the software that may be problematic displaying a xen site via an inline frame? I suspect not but want to check.

I have a site that is receiving some of my news feeds and displaying on an interactive map through their site. It worked like a champ when I was running vB5, but now it is not. I have to say all of my former links had to have redirects created, that is done and the redirects work fine, but its not displaying on the landing page. To explain better go to my site at;

go to the bottom where the map is, select a bullet, the the link in the bullet, it should bring you to the post on my site, via an inline frame on the other site.

Looking for ideas as to what may be the problem.


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There are some technical possibilities, but nothing that we expose. Things can get complicated very quickly.

To be honest, clickjacking is quite far down in terms of something that is likely to be hugely relevant for a small site, so it's unlikely to cause too many problems by having that disabled.