Xenforo and automated registrations


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My vb forums are getting hit very hard with automated registration attempts, but I have been successful in keeping most of them out. I am wondering if the bots have been modified to register on XF powered forums. Anyone notice automated registration attempts (EG multiple registration attempts a minute from the same IP)with XF?


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Yea I was hit by 15 spam accounts 2 days ago on my xenforo, it is possible to get ur xenforo spammed.

After that I installed the StopForumSpam mod, and banned spam emails... an now in beta 6 the Q&A's captcha is implemented so now I have alot of questions that are there to stop the spam bots. These are the measures im taking.

To see one of my articles on banning spam emails see: http://adminbb.org/threads/ban-quick-email-providers-from-your-forum-prevent-spam.1051/