xenforo alerts not reset on visit?


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I'm still very new to xF. I'm totally falling in love with all the great front and back-end stuff!

One thing I'm not understanding is the Alerts, for example:

I "watch" a topic and have it set to show an alert and send an email. When I get the email I go to the thread and read it, but the alert remains active.

Similarly, it seems that if I'm on the forum and browse to a thread I'm watching that has an alert, the alert remains active.

In both situations, shouldn't the individual alert for the item browsed be removed? It seems I'm forced to go to the alerts and clear them out, even if I've already seen the items.

So, shouldn't reading an item remove it from the "red alerts" count at the top of the page?


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That is as designed.

There is a suggestion to clear alerts when viewing the content.


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Thanks for the quick reply Brogan! Since I'm new, I want to make sure I understand the terminology... by "suggestion" do you mean there is a feature / option request posted already for this functionality?

Thanks again! I'm really falling in love with xF!