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XenForo Admin using Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop


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The items I generally add after a fresh Linux install are -

GIMP (if not already part of the install)
Meld (as mentioned above)

Plus, I generally install multiple browsers, for testing. Chromium, Epiphany, Midori, Opera, etc.


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Thank you for these, have to check them out.

I also install Chromium and uses gimp sometimes.

I have used KolourPaint, because its a simple image editor, but dont like that it is for kde, but I havn't found a better one that is simple and has what I want yet.

I do not use any ftp-program like FileZilla I use de ordinary filesystem and just connects to the server. Any special reason you use FileZilla instead.

(I am not using ubuntu at the moment, moved to linux mint about a year ago.)


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Thanks for the list Mike :)
I'm using Chromium as default browser.
Ubuntu 13.10 cannot connect ftp/ssh/sftp using the default File manager.
Or maybe I just don't know how? :rolleyes: