XenForo accessibility - for Visually impaired

We are considering converting our forum from vbulletin to xenForo. One large hurdle remains and I was hoping to hear (ideally in a perfect world) from somebody with first hand experience. How does xenForo perform with text readers - particularly JAWS for blind and visually impaired? More specifically are there major issues on the back end- Admin CP and admin functions if using JAWS?

If there is nobody that is directly familiar with this question , then does anybody have an idea how we could test it before purchase? The very limited "free look" was not really useful due to the number of things that are turned off so it is impossible to tell if it is simply turned off or if there is an accessibility issue.

Thanks and I would appreciate any input on the accessibility issue for vision impaired/blind users lacking personal experience if you know of users as either members or staff and can provide ancedotal information I would appreciate it.


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The very limited "free look" was not really useful due to the number of things that are turned off
The online demo is fully featured.
The software is identical to that which you would download from your customer area if you own a license.

It even includes the optional add-ons such as the gallery and resource manager.
Thanks for the prompt reply !

I will have our forum owner look again and try with JAWS again on that, but it may imply there was an issue with compatibility in that case.

In the mean time, if anybody can answer directly about compatibility / accessibility with JAWS (that is the most popular reader) or any other common text reader based on first hand use or close anecdotal experience as an end user I would appreciate it.
I did walk her through the demo yesterday again. The issue is simply with a completely empty database the screen reader sees no change happening unless changing from one function to another so she had no way of knowing if it was "working" or not. Selecting a tile takes to a new set of functions but with nothing there she was not able to see if it is "doing" what she presumes the function to be based off the reader interpretation. Seeing a list of functions but having them all empty so they do nothing shows only a layout of the back end to a sighted person, and only a list of features to screen reader (little different than written list in text document).
Just leaving a follow up in case it ever does come up again- We did purchase and have installed and JAWs text to speech for visually impaired does work quite well with the back end after had content inside except for an additional chat plug-in that has been trouble all of the xenforo parts have been compatible.