Lack of interest [Suggestion] Accessibility concerned by visually impaired person


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I've asked users at my forum to come over and try out XF and give me their comments and express any concerns.

Here's what I received from one user and I wanted to share it, FYI. I told him I'd pass along your reply to him, as well as any followup questions you may have for him. I also asked him to take a look at vB 4.0.7 and compare to XF. Thanks!

As a spanking new guy on the block with a spanking new visual condition:

First test was accessibility using off the shelf (microsoft and lenovo for me) tools.

vb 3.8.6 has it all over the posts in XenF. Accessing at 130%, vb can be read at normal rates. Page-to-page transitions are seamless and the default fonts seem good. 160% was cumbersome but usable.

Although the XenF fonts are acceptable, the test post required excessive lateral scrolling at 130%. The effort level of maintaining visual access over-road the content. About like a poorly laid-out .pdf page.​


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Just playing with Chrome and IE, they handle zooming differently. We use a liquid layout with a min-width specified. IE seems to zoom the whole thing, including the min-width, which means that it will force it to be scrollable; I'm not sure how to describe it, but Chrome allows zooming without horizontal scrolling to a point.



Even with glasses on I see about 25% of a normal person at 90% , in good conditions.

I have a 20" and 24" monitor, and none of the windows tools ever did it for me.

I use a modern browser like Safari or Chrome, so zooming in actually increases the whole page, while respecting images, and font rendering, etc.

And I use Mac OSX, which has great accessibility tools, allowing you to quickly zoom in with the scrollwheel and key combo's, I use it constantly for convenience.

Seeing how semantic the html5 is handled here, and the css is done in the right way, pages render great, font control is fine, customizing the theme for various contrasts is quick and easy to switch. And it's all a good experience for me here on xenforo.

I always recommended people with bad eye sight to go to an apple store and explain the situation, and ask them to demo the key combo stuff and different font dpi stuff, and then let me have a go at what I do online for 45 to 60 minutes.

It's amazing how all that is free, vs the ridiculously priced windows programs that are horrible to use and render horribly.


I understand everybody their visual problems are different, but since ms dos, institutes and what not have tried to convince me their $10,000+ programs zooming in 2 lines and making things unusable and unreadable, or the built in features from win7 etc .. to be the solution, so seeing a free solution that works for me, it's worth letting others know.


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Here are the specs of the hardware and software he's dealing with. I hope somebody can make suggestions about how we can make sure he has usable access. Thanks!

IBM T-43 (1871) and Lenovo T-60 (1951-43U). Both running WinXP-pro, SP-3 at 1024x768 and Unbuntu (9.10 on the T-60 // 10.4 on the T-43)

Browsers: Firefox 3.6.8 // Chrome 5.x on the T-60 and 6.0.4x on the T-43.
(T-60 is a business laptop, updates only when OKed by my customer's IT guys and stays a bit behind my T-43.)