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I want to upgrade to xf 2, I have xf 1.5 and have the following add-ons, which ones do I remove and ones that are alternatives available?

Account Security Essential 1.2.0

CCPLZ Hide Links From Guests 1.0.

Control "nofollow" URLs 2.2.

Conversations Access by Waindigo 1.0.

Disable Invisible Status by Waindigo 1.0.

ForumBackup 1.3.0

Interactive Snow Storm 1.

Minimum Post Length Enforcer 1.0.3.

Nodes As Tabs 1.2.

Similar Threads 5.

sonnb - Prevent double post 1.0.

Staff Activity 1.

TaigaChat Pro 1.4.

Top Posters of Month 1.2.

Turnkey Mobile Apps 2.2.

User Essentials (Enhanced Version) 2.3.

vFcoders - Hide Hack 1.5.

XenPorta (Portal) 1.6.

[AddonsLab] Like Limit Per Node 1.1.

[AD] Navigation Manager 1.0.8 Patch

[bd] Paygate: Paymentwall 0.9-de

[bd] Paygates 1.5.

[bd] Paygates: STRIPE 1.2.

[HA] Notifications 1.0.

[PHCorner.NET] Hide Spoiler Content to Guest
Remove any for which there will never be an upgrade path.
You will need to check with the authors to determine that.
⬆ This is good advice.

In essence, if there is an upgrade path, that usually means the add-on for XF 1.5 has stored data of its own that can be used in XF 2.1. For example, one of my forums uses a "feedback" system for buyers and sellers (similar to eBay ratings), and the developer maintained that data across versions. Basically, you should be certain any add-on that has collected data from users has a 2.2 equivalent if you want to save that data and have it persist across versions.

If the add-ons are strictly for appearance changes (basically, add-ons that provide template edits and similar modifications), they can be uninstalled. It will save you some cleanup later, plus it gives you the chance to use that add-on's uninstall feature, which might include removing database tables or columns that are no longer needed. (Those uninstall routines will not work once you've upgraded to 2.2.) Just be sure to find replacements ahead of time if you want to keep that functionality, and always keep a screenshot of your list of XF 1.5 add-ons so you remember which ones you had installed. Many of my XF 1.5 add-ons were not available in 2.0 or beyond, as the developers had disappeared. But I often found that other developers created their own identical add-ons that performed as well, if not better, than the originals.
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