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XenForo 1.6 as Christmas gift?

What do you prefer?

  • I'd like to see XenForo 1.6 while waiting for 2.0

  • I don't want XenForo 1.6, I prefer to wait until 2.0

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Realistically, we aren't going to see anything related to XenForo 2.0 until late 2016. Having this in account, would you guys want to see another 1.x release while 2.0 is being developed? Or you prefer the devs to focus 100% on 2.0? Note that 1.5 has been the best example that they can still continue developing the 1.x line while working on 2.0 at the same time, making everyone happy.

Please vote in the poll so the developers can hear what we think/want.

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They probably have to release something every year, or their sales of annual license renewals will suffer. If 2.0 is not ready by next spring, I expect they will probably do a 1.6 release. I don't have a preference about it; they'll do whatever they need to do to make XenForo sustainable.


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I voted for 1.6 just because I feel like there is no rush but to be honest I do not have strong feeling either way and I trust the developers will do what is best.


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Realistically, we aren't going to see anything related to XenForo 2.0 until late 2016.
Late 2016? That doesn't seem very optimistic :) 2.0 development was announced 30th of July 2014 (or rather, that the focus had shifted towards 2.0). 379 days have passed since the announcement. By late 2016 (Q4) 794 days will have passed since the announcement. Let's hope it doesn't take 2+ years for a first peak :eek:
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If you guys vote for 1.6, it means anything they add into 1.6 thats new will also have to be done for 2.0....

so... how much do you hate Chris to double his workload? :D