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Not a support question, just curious: I assume this goes vice-versa as well?

Correctly adjust post count of a user when a post is moved from a forum that does count to a forum that doesn't count.


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The person who logged into the account to post it, may not have even been the person who wrote it ;) Team effort.

Curious, as to why you are so curious.
Just realized most of the post is copy/pasted from previous announcements. My gut has failed me it seems (I think) :oops:

(No real reason why I was curious besides I was bored)


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As @Chris D has written, announcements are a team effort. The staff reviews, recommends changes, checks for typo's, etc., then when they are happy with the announcement, it is posted.

Has anyone thought that maybe XenForo is an artificial user that uses it's sophisticated A.I. algorithms to determine when an announcement is ready to be posted, and then does so? Disclaimer: I'm not confirming or denying that the user XenForo is an entity with A.I. that makes such decisions, read into it as you will, :eek:
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