Style xenFoogle Pro (PAID)

Steve F

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We have had a few request to make a "Pro" version of our free style xenFoogle. Well I am happy to say we are working on it and it should be ready very soon!

We imported it into our framework but we didn't want to just do that and call it "Pro" and charge for it, so I have gone a bit more in depth with it so I would like any feedback from users that are interested or currently using the free version.

The below screen shot is a early shot of what to expect. The quick nav icon and the RSS feed icon are built using pure CSS, meaning there is no image what so ever and it is completely CSS that makes up the icons. I plan to do as many icons this way as possible to increase performance a bit. You will also notice the nav has moved to the top and the mod bar to the bottom. The mod bar has a fixed position keeping it in the window as you scroll.

Hope you guys like it, it should be done fairly soon! ;)


Steve F

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Small update

I have changed a few things since the above post namely the CSS icons. Although nice they are not supported in all browsers and they display a little differently in each browser. With that said I have removed them and went back to a sprite for the UI icons.

We have setup a demo for any feedback before a release, go check it out! You can use the demo account listed in the notice if you wish.


xenFoogle Pro makes use of our style framework, you can see some info here


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I am a fan of xenFoogle the free version and am a fan of this. The only thing I dislike is that the login is above the search and how the What's new and search forum buttons seem to be just floating there.

Steve F

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Yea I'm not happy with the login handle being there either, plan on trying something else for that.

I also have an idea for the subLinks in the nav.