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Zephyr submitted a new resource:

[XenCrea] Footer - Add a configurable footer to Xenforo

This addon add a customizable footer (compatible with all styles) for XenForo.
Perfect for link your content and create a beautiful footer ! :)

  • Note: This addon requires free TMS Addon.
  • 0 template changed, it enough to import the .xml file and enjoy ! :)
  • The documentation for installation is supplied.
  • You can customize the titles, links, copyright,...
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Hello, yes, TMS allows customers to not have to manually edit their files.
This also helps to add code without editing the templates, which is cleaner, result: addon is compatible with all xenforo update without template modification :)
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XF 1.2.x has it's own TMS now which is what I'm sure @HenrikHansen was alluding to. It would be better if this mod used that when installed on 1.2.x.

This is pretty cool for links. Any plans to add the option to add markup so other things can be added? And how about widgets?


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Are you just quoting him or have you found that he has already done this? His quote is not clear wether he has reuploaded it somehow or if he is planning to do so.
According to the 'version' tab of this resource there has been no update of this addon.


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Hello, TMS is not requiered, I have not update the documentation, just upload the .xml and works (is not tms, but xenforo system used, I was wrong, it's so similar) :)
To summarize, the addon works without TMS.