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Russ submitted a new resource:

xenContentisKingMinimal - We feel content is everything...

We feel content is king
So why have any other colors on the website to distract you or your visitors?
With our brand new premium style: xenContentisKingMinimal you'll let your users enjoy the wonderful world of your content, and not worry about the small nitty gritty details.

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Few things about this style:​
  • Price we feel is fair, our coupon below does not apply to this
  • This actually only works on XenForo 1.0...
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April fools day theme/release?
This is serious as serious gets!

The new 4 new reviews in the last 20 or so minutes should give it away :p
I'm not sure what your referring too :D

Works great with wordpress also!
It should work well with any CMS, our code is quite extensive.

And what a wonder - works also with vB 5 connect. Awesome! :)
That must of been by mistake, or miracle.


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Someone please lend me $1000, this theme is just the best in the world, it must be had..I must have it...you will lend me $1000....yes!


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Russ updated xenContentisKingMinimal - pixelExit.com with a new update entry:

Price drop + Dark Update!!!!

First off remember our coupon code "0401" is still active for any of our premium styles on https://pixelexit.com/

With that said:
Due to the success of the style, we're releasing the dark version with it. We worked on this in the dark for over 2-3 years and feel it's complete.

Because the price is a little high, we've dropped the price as well from $1000 to 900 GBP...
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