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Hello, @Robby

There is 15 EUR renewal fee for yearly support/updates. For the first year it is included in initial order price.

Thank you!
Hi @XCentral , is part of this plugin's functionality to do an analysis of the words/phrases typed in a forum post and automatically turn those keywords/phrases into wiki hyperlinks, or does one need to manually enter the bbcode for your addon to be activated?

Thanks for your clarification!


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Could we use this or augment it into an autolinking resource?
Could the clicks of words be directed to products including logged in a way that it could be added into the XenCentral Ad system?

I'm looking for a replacement of the autolink that just took a permanent holiday from here.

Thanks for any info.


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Hello, @audiokid !

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately the features mentioned are way out of the scope of the addon. You can contact us at https://desk.xencentral.com if you need any custom solution to be developed (or any unsupported script to be checked or fixed).

Thank you!


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Nice add-on. However,
The content is embedded in the pages directly, and is visible for search engines, so it is also good for SEO and for building real site content.
is probably not true as Google and other search engines will very likely treat this as duplicate content.


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When hover on the W it disappeared
In the wikitool folder are 2 files:
  • wiki_hover
  • wiki

On hover:

Anyone a suggestion?