xenBlock [Paid]

No permission to buy ($99.95)

Anthony Parsons

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I like it... I think there is a lot of work to be done on the responsive side of things yet, as it lacks in this area. A nice starting point though with the design.


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Is there a problem with your demo site? It's loading VERY slowly on ipad/safari (and failing to load at all).

Tracy Perry

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Those who'd like to find errors and/or help fix them get their license at half off! Just need 2-3 people.
I'm good at breaking stuff...does that count? :p
Really nice design and if I hadn't spent so much time on tweaking mine I'd seriously consider it.

Mike Creuzer

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Audentio updated xenBlock with a new update entry:

Complete rewrite and coded into UI.X

Hey all,

XenBlock was our version at a responsive theme, and it worked quite well, but it wasn't insanely popular. But its one of my favorite skins of all time so I completely recoded it. It looks amazing.

It's now compatible with UI.X. So you get UI.X with this theme. This theme has, but not limited to:

--Fixed navigation
--AD Styler
--Completely responsive
--Side by side nodes
--Rounded avatar option
--Social Media Icons
--And much more



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