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Our products for XenForo 1 will no longer be supported as of January 1, 2020. Currently, we do not intend on releasing any more updates for our XF1 products. With the exception of UI.X, license renewals for XF1 products are no longer available to purchase and many of the products will only be available for purchase through the XF1 Essential Suite without support.

XenBlock is a completely responsive theme for XenForo. It also features our AD styler for customization. This design has been simplified to be extremely customizable. There are also settings for adding social media icons in the footer, all controlled by style properties. This design is sure to be a favorite for any community.

Thank you!

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Latest reviews

Being one of the biggest customers at Audentio this has been one of my many favorites. XenBlock is a great theme that has countless options for style properties that can keep your community board looking refreshed every time! Highly recommend.
Great Style, great work. I Love It! Just think about hardcoded phrases. They should be removed from templates for forum owners which forums are not in English language. Thank you!
Hi Nicky thank you so much for your review! I agree with you entirely on phrases. Being that it is a theme and not an add-on we are limited in that regard. Next release though which we've been working on for a few weeks will indeed support phrases.
Great product, looks great and has a good level of customisation options. The fact it comes with UI.X is a bonus too.
very nice looking theme!