[Xen-Soluce] Required Custom Fields On Upgrade

[Xen-Soluce] Required Custom Fields On Upgrade [Paid] 2.1.0

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Plugin does not work with xenforo 2.1.5 update
I think Xenforo have to fix this, there is something wrong in 2.1.5 related to user custom fields!


Is it only me but if a field is set in the Display Location to "Required to upgrade" it won't display in the message user info even if the option is selected ?

If I change the display location to anything else and set "Viewable in message user info" it works just fine but when I use Required to Upgrade it's not being displayed anymore.

Hopefully this can be fixed.

Thanks !



What do you mean it is no longer displayed?
If I uncheck this, nothing will be displayed. http://prntscr.com/v1341f

No, I am not talking about is the user can edit or not.

I am talking about displaying the field under the avatar user message info:


This doesn't work when using the Display Location set on Required to Upgrade.

I also have it enable in the right section:

On ne voit pas les custom fields en dessous de notre avatar quand on sélectionne l'option Required to upgrade et qu'on choisi l'option "Viewable in message user info". Si je remets le fields à Personal Details ou Contact Details ça fonctionne sans problème mais dès qu'on mets le field à Required to upgrade on ne le voit plus sous l'avatar.
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