Add-on Xen Porta alternative


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Is any one aware of any comparable mod(s) which have all features of Xen Porta or even better?

(Unfortunately, Jaxel does not give any support for Xen Porta)

Is there any one out there making such a mod or is one already available?



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Simple Portal is fairly new but it works with widgets and the developer team are efficient and friendly on support. Also they respond to wishlist and I think will do custom work.


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thanks, the XenPorta Twitter block is not working. Can you suggest a twitter widget or a widget box which will show my Tweets on my website? - this is not a box just a link to the Twitter account.

I need a box like the XenPorta Twitter feed box.

Try to edit template:
Find template: EWRblock_Twitter
Find line:
<a href="{$}" target="_blank">
Replace by:
<a href="{$}" target="_blank">
Maybe that is wrong or not :p But can try :p