As designed xen:likes does not accept xen:link in the url parameter


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This is probably not a real bug, and very trivial thing anyway, but thought to mention it.
<xen:likes /> does not accept {xen:link} in the url parameter. {xen:link} should generate an expected value for the url parameter.

The workaround I'm using currently is saving the value of the {xen:link} in a new var.
<xen:set var="$likesUrl">{xen:link posts/likes, $someVar}</xen:set>
<xen:likes number="$someVar.likes" users="$someVar.likeUsers" url="$likesUrl" liked="$someVar.like_date" />
Could be much cleaner to use {xen:link} in the parameter.
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Chris D

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I don't think we'd be making any changes here at this point, as it's mostly expected that the attribute values here would be variables and this is not exclusive to likes, either, IIRC.

What is probably even more ideal is to just pass the variable to the template from your PHP code.