I'm still working with ******* to get the Facebook font back to 'white' and adding the CTA twitter login, but it's going pretty well overall.

If anyone has any suggestions for add-ons, please throw them out there. I'd love to hear what you all think to make my forum more attractive as well as user/admin friendly.


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Theme looks pleasing to the eye. Maybe add a welcome message for guests describing HCF.

Also look into replacing the default no avatar images, you could probably substitute those with your HCF logo or put something else instead:



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one thing i really dislike is that it appears to load a blue theme for half a second before switching to the brown.

you should upload a favicon too.


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Is there any way to get rid of that? I've noticed it too.
i would suspect the css is loading after the page renders, or maybe he has overridden the css in some external file? im not sure how your guy has gone about his styling, but i have never seen another xenforo do that. ive seen it on websites before, but not an xf. its really weird seeing it happen. you should definitely point that out to whomever does your styling, and point out that you cannot find another xf that does it.
its difficult for me to really troubleshoot it because i moved house and am using subpar 3g for my internet for 2-3 weeks.