Wuaa Xenforo Removed My Low Rate Review ~~@.@

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Adam Howard

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I was shocked ~~@.@
I purchased this addon; Xen Media Gallery
And i tryed, i dont like it because of crazy a bug and no support
and gave 2 star and a review reply

the xenforo staff removed my message ~~@.@

they want i must give 5 star for this addon?

You can see; http://xenforo.com/community/resources/xen-media-gallery.1750/reviews

If your review was valid and honest, I would be disappointed in learning that it was removed. I personally think it's 4 - 5 stars, but everyone should have the right to their opinion. Why else have a review system if people can't be honest?

Adam Howard

Well-known member
You think I'm not honest and liar?

or I have a problem with this addon?

I think I don't know enough to say that you're a liar or if you're truthful....

I simply said, "IF" it was valid and honest, then you should have the right to leave proper feedback & it shouldn't be removed.


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It was an unwarranted review so it was removed.
This is standard practice.

You posted a bug report less than 24 hours ago and did not give the developer (who is currently out of the office) a chance to respond.

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