Not a bug  wrong position of new post within thread


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I guess that somebody already reportet this bug, but in case not, here we go (again) in details:

Im reading a thread which uses more pages. Lets say a thread has 31 pages. At page 30, Im going to reply (and quote a post from another user). Im writing my message in the editor below and send it.

Usually the post should be shown at the end of the thread, so being the last post at page 31. But the page doesnt get changed right after sending to the system and my post gets shown as the last post on page 30. After changing to page 31, my post gets shown correct and it doesnt appear on page 30 anymore (logical). But meanwhile it screws the view by staying on page 30 before switching to another page.


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That's because new posts are inserted using AJAX and without a page refresh.

It's only when refreshing the page that it is shown in the correct place.


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Yeah, i know about the technical way. It still is irritating as in this case it dont need to activate the specified area to show up with the new post ;)


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Öh...... okaaaaayyyy.... what about an option within the settings to do this or either way jump to the last page of the thread and show the new post?


I have to say I like the way it's done. Took me no effort to get used to. And it made me aware of new content.