Wrong member appears on page

Allpar Dave

I know this is a cache issue, but... since setting up a reverse proxy with nginx, Xenforo is FAR faster, but we have a continuing issue with people seeing the wrong member name when they first dial up a page.

A refresh gets the right member name, and if you try to post or anything as the wrong member, it does give you a security error.

Any thoughts? I tried shutting off internal caches. Do I need to give up the incredible speed boost of nginx?


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I’m not familiar with nginx but that sounds you’re using full page caching (Varnish?) which don’t really work well for logged in users on forums as of course each member will get a different view based on their permissions, notifications, member card, unread posts, etc.

You’d probably have to limit it so only Guests would get the full page cache, they’re the only group that wouldn’t have this issue ..

Allpar Dave

Thanks. I was able to limit it so micro-cache is off - which may work. Otherwise I will have to stop it entirely...