As designed Wrong import users with german umlauts in username from vBulletin 4.x

The importer seems to have a bug:

Given two users in vBulletin: frankie (user-id: 4584) and fränkie (user-id: 3417). Both accounts are summarized at import to account with lower user-id, which ist totally wrong!

SELECT * FROM `xf_post` where username in ('frankie', 'fränkie')

In total this was done wrong with 25 user accounts, all according to the same schema:

SELECT * FROM `archived_import_log` where content_type = 'user' and old_id <> new_id

(#6 is ok, 12919 is the new super admin).

Please fix this bug!


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This, unfortunately, isn't a bug. It's how MySQL works; it is accent insensitive. If you put both of those names (frankie and fränkie) into a table and run:
SELECT * FROM table WHERE name = 'frankie';
Both users will be returned. You actually demonstrated the issue with the query results you showed.

The accounts were only merged because you selected the option to automatically merge on name collisions (which I appreciate may not be totally obvious, though it's not really possible for us to detect this easily.)

To resolve it, you'd need to re-import without merging on name collisions and then rename the conflicting user.
SELECT * FROM `xf_post` where binary username = 'frankie'
SELECT * FROM `xf_post` where binary username = 'fränkie'

By default you are right, but with "binary" MySQL can already separate this ...

Ok, reimport is not an option, the forum is live since > 14 days. If I create the missing user manually and change the records in xf_post, what still has to do so that everything is ok?
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Binary is also case sensitive, so "frankie" and "Frankie" wouldn't be seen as the same thing.

We wouldn't recommend manual database manipulation like that, though you can attempt it if you like. I'd strongly recommend taking a database backup and doing a fair amount of testing before you go ahead with this.
If I change the user_id in a post, what do I still have to do so that this post is displayed with this user (in profile page, number of posts)? Rebuild (which) caches?


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For number of posts, you'd need to manually change that (both for this user and the original one).

After you're done, you will need to rebuild the search index.