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XF 1.3 Import error/bug vb4: users with german umlauts get merged


Well-known member
when importing a vB4 forum and you have two users with almost the same name like for example:
1. MüMa
2. muma

where the only difference in the name is the german umlaut ü, the user will be merged into the user without the umlaut.

old vB4 forum:

new xenForo forum after import:

The user MüMa is not existing any more after the import. We`ll have to re-create those users and manually re-assign their postings to those users.



XenForo developer
Staff member
Nothing can be done about this. MySQL is "accent insensitve". It sees those users as the same. The only reason it didn't happen before would be because of a technical configuration/incorrect character set. The user would need to be renamed during the import (if you didn't choose to merge with name conflicts, it should have prompted you).


Well-known member
Thanks. Incorrect charset could be true, we switched from latin to utf-8 at some point back when we used vB. So lets hope that there are not so many of them.