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RM 1.1 Wraps for custom fields and microdata


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I`d like to set up a recipe database with the RM. The recipe markup should contain microdata so that the recipes can be handled by recipte-apps and the new Google recipe search. I had a look at the configuration options of the RM and found out that you can add your own HTML to your custom fields - which would be exactly what you need to add microdata.

So I added a new custom field "preparation" and entered the following microformat wrap for the field in the value display HTML setting:
<div class="preparation" itemprop="recipeInstructions">{$value}</div>
When I try to add a new resource/recipe, I get the following error:
call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class '' not found
What`s wrong?

Here`s an example of the HTML code I`d like to create:

thank you - all the best,


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hm, I tried again, deleted the custom field and created a new one - now it works. Strange, I think this thread can be deleted, sorry.